Holding hands by sharing experiences: A guide to future students of Palliative Medicine

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Have I made the right choice?“, “What will my professional future look like?“.. These may have been some of the thoughts which crossed the mind of a new member of a palliative medicine specialist program.

To help address such queries, the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) reached out to a few individuals from across India who have either completed their palliative medicine specialist training (MD in palliative medicine) or are still in training (DNB in palliative medicine) to share their valuable experiences and insights from throughout their journey in palliative medicine, as a way of offering guidance and support to the newcomers.

This project is therefore a humble attempt by the IAPC, to assist our new members to overcome any concerns or apprehensions about what the future holds. With this guidance, we hope to help in the successful navigation of one’s own journey in palliative medicine.

The IAPC thanks all the contributors for their support towards this project.


Please click here to read what these young professionals have to say.

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