IAPC’s Infographic of the month: April 2024

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The Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) in its constant endeavour to promote palliative care education and awareness across the country launched the “IAPC’s Infographic of the month” initiative in June 2023.

These infographics will focus on a different topic each month and will look at both simple and complex topics in palliative care.

The April 2024 Infographic focuses on the concept of ‘Titrating doses of oral Morphine in Palliative Care’.

The infographics published till date include:

  1. Celebrating Nurses in Palliative Care
  2. Basics of Palliative Care
  3. General Myths about Palliative Care – Part 1 / 2 / 3
  4. Total Pain in Palliative Care
  5. Multidisciplinary Team in Palliative Care
  6. Role of caregivers in Palliative Care
  7. Self-care for Palliative Care professionals
  8. Basics of Morphine in Palliative Care


Please click here to access the IAPC’s infographics published till date.


This initiative was conceived and is continuing to be supported by Dr Wasimul Hoda (Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesia, RIMS, Ranchi).

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  1. This is very well put together and I will most definitely use it in my practice for my own reference and in mentoring others.

    Thank you very much. It is because of ongoing educative initiatives likevypurs, that we who are the sole initiators of palliative care services in rural areas feel connected to this service.

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