Advance planning in paediatric hospice/palliative care

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The latest edition of the NHPCO/ChiPPS E-journal offers a PDF collection of articles that explore selected issues in advance planning in paediatric hospice/palliative care. 

These articles argue for the value of advance planning, describe tools for that purpose, explain how to initiate advance planning conversations, and indicate who should be involved in this care. Because this is a very important subject, the ChiPPS E-Journal Workgroup has decided to devote two issues to these discussions – this is the first of the two issues. 

Workgroup editors commented, “We appreciate that no two issues or collections of articles will do justice to these broad topics, but we hope that the articles in this issue and in the one to follow will spur discussion and implementation of advance planning as a cooperative enterprise with children, adolescents, their family members, and the professionals involved in their care.”

Download the PDF of Issue #38, “Advance Planning in Pediatric Hospice/Palliative Care, Part One.”

Visit the ChiPPS archive page online for past editions of the ChiPPS E-Journal and E-Newsletter.

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