Anastassia’s story – hope and Hyperinsulinism

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In this latest Little Stars film we meet Anastassia Krupenrova, a young patient who was diagnosed at two weeks old with Hyperinsulinism, a life-threatening condition that causes individuals to have abnormally high levels of insulin.

Under the care of palliative care doctor, Dr Ella Kumirova and her team at the Russian Children’s Palliative Care Foundation, the family feel supported and able to cope with the difficulties of raising a child with such complex needs.

“Don’t be afraid that things like this happen, I believe that every obstacle that is given to you in life is there so you can overcome it and become stronger,” says Lana Krupenrova, Anastassia’s young mother.

Dr Kumirova explains that Anastassia lives without a pancreas and she constantly needs medical correction for her condition. This means round the clock care. Anastassia’s parents are very hands on and understand the condition. They are able to care for her at home with support from the palliatve care team as they need it.

According to Dr Kumirova, the role of palliatve care specialists should be geared towards helping people cope with their situation and enabling the family to feel supported and not alone.

In the film, Marina Pridatchenko, Head of the Mobile palliative Care Team in the organisation describes palliative care as having completely different aims to curative care.

“We do not aim to cure fully, we may have a very small medical component, in curative sense and very high social, psychological component, spiritual one, In other words we try to and achieve to improve quality of life of kids.”

The film is in Russain with English subtitles and features the following people:

Lana Krupenrova, Anastassia’s Mother
Dr Ella Kumirova, Anastassia’s Palliative Care Doctor

Marina Pridatchenko, Head of the Mobile palliative Care Team

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