Appeal to raise funds to increase palliative care provision in Malawi

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The impact of this appeal will be significant, with every donation made between 1 November 2014 and 31 January 2015 matched pound-for-pound by the UK government.

As well as raising essential funds, the appeal will show how lives, families and communities can be transformed through effective palliative care. It will highlight lack of pain relief and end of life care as being a global public health emergency. 

These powerful messages will improve public understanding about palliative care, raise awareness about the positive impact that sound investment in international development can have, and celebrate the role of the UK public supported by the UK government.

Sunday’s Child tells the stories of people helped by the project, including a young girl with cancer and the burden of care placed upon her mother and grandmother, and the need for medical professionals to be educated and equipped to help them.

James Wells, chief executive of EMMS International says: “This appeal will result in a step-change improvement for palliative care across Malawi, with a particular focus on children and adults living in rural communities. It will build on previous projects in Malawi that have only been made possible through the incredible efforts of individuals and churches across the UK, and the expertise of wonderful partners in Malawi.

“The British public have a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives of 42,000 Malawians over three years and more in the years following as the palliative care capacity increases. It’s our hope that the public and palliative care professionals will get behind this essential appeal. It’s also great that the impact of every gift can be doubled through match funding by the UK government.”

Joan Marston, chief executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN), has welcomed the project. She said: “Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries, yet despite this, there are some wonderful people who are working so hard to get palliative care to those who need it – both children and adults. Your contribution will help to ease their suffering and give them hope.”

EMMS International has been involved in global healthcare for 175 years and has always sought to reach out to the poorest and most marginalised people. It has its roots in the early medical missionary movement (EMMS is an abbreviation of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society) and today it continues to work with partners in some of the poorest communities of the world transforming lives through compassionate, effective and sustainable healthcare.

The appeal runs until 31 January 2015. All individual gifts made to the appeal will be match funded, and if the appeal target is exceeded, surplus funds will used to fund palliative care works across Malawi, India and Nepal. EMMS International is also funding a paediatric palliative care needs assessment for India, in partnership with ICPCN and Indian Association of Palliative Care.

Find out more about the appeal, and how to donate, on the EMMS International website

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