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Courtesy of Golden Butterflies Children’s Palliative Care Foundation

100 KM from Chennai a small village in Tirupati, lived a 12yr old girl X, along with her 11yr brother. Child X lived a normal life for 11 years, suddenly she was threatened by an aggressive cancer, acute myeloid lymphoma.

She was rushed to the government children’s hospital, Chennai as their village had no hospital that could treat cancer.

They moved to Chennai for PT.X treatment for months which was financially draining on the family. (GB) Golden Butterflies MDT were giving constant support & being in touch with the family, but in the meantime the Pt.X condition worsened, doctors declared her in palliation. Breaking Bad News was painfully done and was difficult for the family to accept, Pt.X was very intelligent as she understood that her disease was not curable, and her end was drawing near.

Patient X cared a lot about her brother. Every time the social workers intervened to check on her pain, she would only ask for toys or snacks for him, she never want anything. A very selfless girl.

Her disease progressed, she was fragile due to bleeding from all areas, and family was very disturbed mentally and physically. The GB team, got in touch with the closest palliative unit to relieve Patient X of this pain and bleeding.

Patient X knew her time was short, called our social workers and requested to celebrate her brother’s birthday, her words ” I will live only till his birthday, I know” The GB team fulfilled her wishes, got the community to get involved letting go of misconception and stigma about the disease, The neighborhood kids joint the celebration. This brought a huge smile on Pt. X as it was her last wish.

We remind ourselves that even in that moment, GRIEF can be good when a supportive community come together to bring peace & Joy to a dying soul.

Pt.X passed away peacefully two days after her brother’s birthday as she predicted.

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