Dogs relieve stress in children suffering from cancer

Categories: Research.

Large numbers of children are diagnosed with cancer each year and they undergo painful treatments that bring about stress, anxiety and depression. Research involving man’s best friend is being conducted to investigate drug free and inexpensive ways to make the kids feel better, through the use of pet therapy.

The article states that pet therapy is a treatment that uses trained dogs or other trained animals to boost recovery and comfort a patient dealing with health disorders like heart disease or cancer.

Bryce Greenwall is a leukaemia patient that will undergo treatments for the next few years. A friendly dog named Swoosher has been assigned to Bryce for the duration of the research.

“It gives us something to talk about. He gets excited to come see Swoosh”, said Jenny Greenwell, Bryce’s mom.

Although the research is not complete yet, the researchers have reported that they have noticed that the kids in the programme need less anxiety medications than before. 

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