True Joy Acoustics brings joy to children in hospital

Categories: Community Engagement.

Huntington started True Joy Acoustics after his retirement at Procter and Gamble. Huntington had a keen interest in music therapy and wanted to integrate it into his business, he soon started his research and connected with Brian Schreck and his team of music therapists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

“I just couldn’t believe it. I walked away from that – even though I didn’t ultimately go down a brick and mortar new business start up because of the economy. When I came back to create an e-commerce business focused on just these instruments , I just wanted to connect and support that.”

The ukuleles are manufactured by Magic Fluke Company and have special features that make them ideal for hospitalised children. “In addition, they’re accessible because they stand upright on a table or nightstand; they’re also colourful, easily playable, durable and easy to maintain in accordance with hospital infection control standard”, said Huntington.

True Joy is purely an online business, where Huntington sells the ukuleles for approximately $200 and then collects proceeds from each instrument towards new ones which True Joy then gives to Cincinnati Children’s patients.

“Making  music and expressing oneself in therapeutic ways can bring countless moments of joy among patients and families dealing with major health concerns”, Huntington said. To read the full story, click here. 

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