Implementing Palliative Care in Protracted Humanitarian Crises

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Author: Kathryn Richardson


PallCHASE (Palliative Care in Humanitarian Aid Situations and Emergencies) hosted online webinars in July to discuss ‘Implementing Palliative Care in Protracted Humanitarian Crises’.

The speakers were Vicky Opia, a nurse specialist in Palliative Care who is leading the implementation of palliative care in programmes in Northern Uganda, Dr Sakib Burza, MSF Health Advisor for Asia with experience of implementing palliative care in MSF projects in Bangladesh and India, and Rachel Yantzi, MSF nurse manager and currently implementing neonatal and paediatric palliative care in an MSF project in Bangladesh.


Recordings of the presentations can be found using the following link:

Palliative care in humanitarian crises has been a neglected area of healthcare. PallCHASE aims to improve

access to palliative care for people living through humanitarian crises through engagement in education, research and advocacy.

The next PallCHASE online webinar will be on 20th October 2021. For more information about PallCHASE or to join the PallCHASE network, visit our website Alternatively, send an email to


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