Launch of The Sunflower – Paediatric Palliative Care Podcasts

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A new podcast on palliative care called “The Sunflower” has recently been launched by a team from the Sunflower Children’s Network (a Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Initiative).

  • The podcast explores children’s palliative care around the world, exploring new issuesand engaging on questions about caring for children with serious illnesses and their families, through a global lens.
  • The series brings curiosity, humour, and reflectionto the world of palliative care.
  • Offering discussions on the joys and challenges of palliative care, including topics related to education, advocacy, self-care, and leadership from around the world.

The podcast’s target audience is all healthcare providers around the world who are interested in exploring medical care for seriously ill children and palliative care for children

The hosts are Dr Spandana Rayala (Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration), Dr Megan Doherty (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada), Dr Natasha Datoo and Camara Van Breemen (Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Canada).

Many palliative care providers have started listening and have shared how much they enjoyed hearing from diverse palliative care perspectives. The most recent episode is with Dr. Erin Kwolek, a paediatric palliative care and respirology physician, who reflects on the intersection of respirology and palliative care. In the first episode, Dr Megan Doherty speaks with Dr. Natasha Datoo about her perspectives about the palliative care and how to we find beauty and joy in this work.

If you are interested to listen to the podcast, it can be found on Spotify (search Sunflower and Palliative Care) or you can listen here:

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