Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death

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On March 14, 2013, The University of Washington Communication Leadership Program, Michael Hebb and Engage With Grace in partnership with 30 leaders in healthcare and wellness launched the introductory micro-site www.deathoverdinner.org – to raise awareness about the upcoming launch of their full site on August 24. The past three months have brought a significant amount of media coverage, a TEDMED talk, an immensely successful indiegogo campaign, and a dozen new partnerships for the growing project.

In tribute to the groundbreaking work of the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – Deathoverdinner.org  will partner with the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation, president Dianne Gray and Elisabeth’s son, Ken Ross – to launch the Let’s Have Dinner (“LHD”) project with a global evening of dinners. “It is our hope to organise dozens if not hundreds of international death dinners on August 24th – to honour Elisabeth on the day she passed away,” said Dianne Gray. Dinner hosts and guests will be given access to the full version of deathoverdinner.org two weeks before the official launch. The full site will lead individuals and groups through the process of hosting and engaging in thoughtful and meaningful end-of-life decision-making events.

Joining LHD in its launch are our remarkable group of advisors and project partners. The full version of the LHD website will provide step by step resources for gathering loved ones, friends, co-workers or strangers around a table and authentically engaging in a conversation about how we want to end our lives and conversely – how we want to live. Diners will be given digital resources to complete post dinner action items including advance directives, living wills, organ donor-ship… “The real opportunity here is not simply to increase the number of living wills, but to give people the permission and the resources to have this conversation, in a constructive, life affirming, and even elegant manner. The more skill we have when it comes to end-of-life decision making – and the more we know about what our loved ones want – the more power we will have to ensure that wishes are fulfilled,” Michael Hebb, LHD Founder.

About Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death Project
The Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death project brings the important subject of end of life into the foreground and gives people the opportunity to talk about it. The Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death project stemmed from a Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) course at The University of Washington. The course and resulting long-term project is intended to not only create communal dialogues around death, healthcare and human life, but to bolster a universal discourse, ushering in a revolution of life itself. The syllabus for the course is available at learni.st. For more information about Let’s Have Dinner and Talk project, visit deathoverdinner.org.

Contact info:
Michael Hebb
Founder, Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death

Dianne Gray

President, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation

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