Moonshine Movies Releases the First of its “Little Stars” Films on Paediatric Palliative Care

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The Moonshine Movies team has released their first short film on the new Little Stars website, titled ‘Value every Life.’

Little Stars is a series of films about the life-affirming stories of children around the world living with life-limiting and life threatening illnesses. Against the odds, these very special children are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their families, in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams. These films are made in collaboration with the ICPCN.

A visit to South Africa was the inspiration for the first film, which focuses on the work of the palliative care team at Sunflower Children’s Hospice in the city of Bloemfontein in the Free State Province.  

Mike Hill of Moonshine Movies says, “It was an incredible experience to film with the children and team of Sunflower House… These remarkable stories of young people finding peace, love and joy in the face of the inevitable, challenges many pre-conceived notions surrounding the ‘d-word’ and powerfully demonstrates the transformative effect that good-services, well-delivered can have on families facing an unimaginable dilemma.”

Moonshine Movies with the assistance of ICPCN are still in the process of attaching sponsors for the project but look forward to entering full-blown production in the coming months.
View the film on the Little Stars website

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