New Chair and Vice Chair for ICPCN Board of Trustees

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Photo: Sabine Kraft (centre) hands over the reins of the ICPCN International Board of Trustees to Paul Quilliam (left) with Chief Exec, Prof Julia Downing, looking on.

The annual meeting of the ICPCN Board of Trustees took place on Wednesday 22 May in Berlin, Germany. On completion of her term of office, former Chair of the Board, Ms Sabine Kraft, was thanked sincerely for her service to the organisation as chair.

Founding member

Sabine is a founding member of ICPCN, a member of the original Steering Committee set up in 2005 and since May 2011 has been and remains a member of the ICPCN Board of Trustees. She served as Vice Chair for two years and as Chair since 2016.

On her time in office, Sabine had this to say, “It was an absolute honour to me to be the chair of the ICPCN. I admire every family that has to live with the challenges of a very sick child and every care person who helps in these difficult times. If we achieved that even one more child received proper palliative care, then every effort was worthwhile.

The ICPCN is a small organisation with a huge task and wonderful and professional staff. It’s been a pleasure to work with each one, including the professional board members and with Julia as the CEO. She had to manage quite a few challenges and she surprised us many times with the successes she could achieve within such a short time. My appreciation also goes to Joan Marston as the initial CEO because without her ICPCN would be non-existent.

The financial strain that is ever present adds enormous pressure, but I believe that with events like ‚The children’s life walk‘, the ‘Hats On 4 CPC’ campaign and with input from the staff and its members – ICPCN will grow stronger and stronger.

Thank you all for your patience with me, for your support and for your trust in me. I am very happy to pass on the role of Chair to Paul and I am convinced he will lead ICPCN to make the progress needed to reach its ultimate goals.”

New appointments

Paul Quilliam was appointed as the new Chair of the Board and Lyn Gould MBE as Vice Chair. Mike Palfreman remains as Board Treasurer.

Experienced NFP (Not for Profit) director and senior executive, Paul Quilliam is the co-founder of Hummingbird House in Queensland, Australia and presently is the Tasmanian State Manager for yourtown and Kids Helpline.

On his appointment as Chair, Paul says, “It’s indeed a privilege and honour to become the new Chair of the board of ICPCN and continue to provide strong governance leadership following on from former Board Chair, Ms Sabine Kraft.

“I look forward to playing my part in stewarding the mission and vision of ICPCN for the benefit of children around the world impacted by life limiting conditions.”

Lyn Gould MBE is the co-founder of Butterfly Children’s Hospices in China and is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations for that organisation.

Speaking after her appointment, Lyn said, “During the early years of pioneering children’s palliative care in China I learned about ICPCN and was hugely grateful for access to all the information, support and encouragement.

“I feel very honoured and excited to become Vice-Chair and look forward to furthering ICPCN’s vision and mission as the only international organisation supporting those who work so hard to develop and provide services for life limited and life threatened children around the world.”

You can see all those who serve on the ICPCN International Board of Trustees here.