Palliative Care: Making it Work – Free online course starting today

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Starting today, 5 June, a free online course for staff working in palliative care whether as part of their general role in hospices, hospital teams, care homes, community teams, third party organisations as well as those with an interest in palliative care such as patients and family caregivers is being offered. 

Those enrolled in the course will learn with Nancy Preston, Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care at the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University.

The modern day palliative care movement aims to help people live well in their last year of life and ultimately realise a good death. However, every day more than 150,000 people die across the world and only a small minority receive palliative care services.

This online course introduces the concept, how it can be integrated with other types of care and look at examples of this being done well. Drawing on research from EU funded project InSup-C, you will learn how integrated palliative care is managed across five European countries. The International Observatory on End of Life Care coordinate the programme.

The course lasts for 3 weeks, for 3 hours a week. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Palliative care – including key components, types of services, pain control and education.
  • What are the barriers to palliative care?
  • The concept of integrated palliative care and its benefits.
  • Palliative care guidelines.
  • Case studies of good practice from 5 European countries.

The course will develop an understanding of integrated palliative care and its importance to patients, their family carers and healthcare professionals. It will allow you to engage in online discussion with others and reflect on integrated palliative care provision within your own country based on your own knowledge and experience. 

Click here to learn more and sign up for the course starting today, or register your interest in doing the course at another time. 

For free online courses focused specifically on topics within children’s palliative care, you may be interested in the ICPCN’s online courses to be found at 

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