Patience Mbozi – celebrating nurses contributions to children’s palliative care

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As we continue to spotlight the nurses from the Palliative Care – Celebrating Nurses Contributions report, we would like to introduce you to Patience Mbozi. This report was published in May in conjunction with the International Children’s Palliative Care Network, the WHPCA and the IAHPC.

Patience is a Lecturer in the Nursing Department at Chreso University and was the Lead Palliative Care Nurse at the Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) in Zambia. She undertook the Diploma (HE) in Palliative Care at Nairobi Hospice with Oxford Brookes University, her BSc in Palliative Care at the Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa (IHPCA) in affiliation with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and her Masters of Palliative Care Nursing at Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Patience has worked in both adult and children’s palliative care and was identified as a key person for the ongoing development of palliative care in Zambia through the THET Integrate project run by the University of Edinburgh, the African Palliative Care Association and colleagues. The palliative care (PC) unit at CDH offers palliative care to all cancer patients and their families from diagnosis, using a multidisciplinary approach. The hospital is busy with the palliative care unit seeing up to 950 new patients per year. Many need palliative care as they have presented late for treatment. Since the unit’s development and the recognition of the need for palliative care, the services provided by the unit in the hospital has increased, along with referrals. Patience and her colleagues experience many challenges in providing palliative care, such as the need to increase the number of team members, as well as training more nurses within CDH, along with community volunteers so that they act as the link between the PC unit and patients in the community.

She believes that every student has the potential. Therefore, she believes that excellence can not only be expressed through knowledge but also in terms of skills and attitudes.

Patience and the team are also keen to promote high-quality palliative care research within CDH to increase the evidence base for palliative care, and improve the quality of care. Patience continues to advocate for palliative care at every opportunity and is keen to raise awareness about the availability and appropriateness of palliative care services for all in Zambia. Alongside this Patience is an active member of the Zambia Oncology Nurses Society where she has served as their Vice[1]president since 2016 and represented them at international conferences and meetings. Patience’s educational philosophy is not only to produce a highly knowledgeable student but also a skilful student with good values, morals, and a good attitude. She believes that every student has the potential. Therefore, she believes that excellence can not only be expressed through knowledge but also in terms of skills and attitudes. She tries to foster an environment which enables a free flow of information between herself and the students and in which they feel free to express their fears and concerns.

With regards to her personal philosophy she aims to utilise the knowledge and skills attained through her education and clinical care practice to the maximum level, ensuring that organisational goals and interests are upheld in order for her to effect positively on her work and the quality of care provided for all in need

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