Progressing Palliative Care – the 15th World Congress of the EAPC opens in Madrid

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The theme is: Progressing Palliative Care, and reflects the growing recognition of the importance of palliative care in Europe and around the world.

According to the organisers: “The congress will provide the opportunity for delegates to discuss advances in the field of palliative care, to debate how access to palliative care is developing globally, to assess the integration of palliative care across healthcare systems and ultimately to affirm, change and develop our multi-professional practice.”

A lunchtime session by PALCHASE will highlight the need for palliative care to be included in the response to humanitarian emergency situations. You can read an EAPC blog: Finding our way – palliative care in humanitarian situations by PALCHASE co-chair, Dr Joan Marston.

The WHPCA is working with the Jordanian Palliative Care Society to develop a programme to integrate community palliative care into the humanitarian and development health response in Jordan.  Read more about this on ehospice.

The first day of the Congress also saw the launch of the APCA African Atlas of Palliative Care, and the launch of the EAPC Reference Group on Palliative Care and Public Health.

Professor Sheila Payne received the EAPC Award for outstanding Contribution to Palliative Care.

The Congress will run until 20 May. Follow the Twitter hashtag #EAPC2017 for live updates, and read more on the Congress website

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