Request for help to support publication of book to help children through bereavement

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Our Kickstarter campaign needs to raise £10,000 by 22 October to have the book, entitled ‘It’s not fair! – Helping children understand bereavement’, illustrated, designed, printed and promoted.

When Andrew, my brother, died 15 years ago in a motorbike crash, experiencing this grief made me more confident in talking to others about their loss. My friend Sophia’s husband died in 2013 leaving her with their young daughter.

We set up Inspired Goodbyes to create sympathy cards with better language, rather than just ‘with sympathy’ and this book is an extension of that.

The book is funny and silly, with beautifully illustrated pictures that children will love. It says things like, “You can scream at the sky, ask everyone why. You can run round and round or not make a sound. You can cuddle your bear as you say it’s not fair.”

It’s a little different to other resources because it aims to make children laugh and give them permission to feel however they feel and to still behave like children.

The last two sentences of the book are the most poignant and important for children to hear: “You can say their name loud and remember their face. You can know that you’re loved and in a very safe place.” It will provide a lot of comfort.

When you pledge on a crowdfunding campaign the money stays in your account until the target is reached. If the project fails you don’t pay a thing.

To encourage you to pledge there are a number of rewards from £5 for a thank you postcard and up to £150 for a limited edition signed picture dedicated to someone who is missed.

One of the loveliest rewards we are offering is a lasting tribute printed in the book. If someone pledges £25, the name of a loved one will be printed on the first page of the book and they will also receive their own copy.

By pledging support for this project it will help make this beautifully helpful book a reality for children who are going through a bereavement.

You can find out more about the fundraising campaign on the Inspired Goodbyes website or the Kickstarter website.

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