Sabine Kraft receives the Federal Cross of Merit

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German State Secretary Bärbl Mielich has awarded Sabine Kraft, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Children’s Hospices and a Board member of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN), the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The State Secretary for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Bärbl Mielich handed over the Cross of Merit to Sabine Kraft Lenzkirch (Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district) awarded by the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany for her extraordinary commitment to children’s hospice and palliative care.

“Children’s hospice work is not about dying, it’s about life and about filling the time that remains together with love and happiness. With tireless commitment, you work to create good conditions for those affected so that the last days of their lives can be spent in a dignified and empathetic atmosphere.” Sabine Kraft said on the occasion of the ceremony in the town hall of Lenzkirch.

The Federal Association of Children’s Hospice has been a contact point for affected families for 15 years. As Managing Director of the Federal Association of Children’s Hospices, Sabine Kraft has been passionate and committed to families with children and adolescents with life-threatening illnesses since 2005. On presenting her with the award Mielich said “Thanks to your social commitment, it has been possible to create public awareness for the taboo subject of “Children and Death” and to support affected children and families on their difficult path. Since the Federal Association of Children’s Hospices was founded 15 years ago, they have offered the families concerned professional help, a specific point of contact as well as competent advice and support, which has been in greater and greater demand over the past few years. You also involve the parents and siblings of the seriously ill children in your work. ….. It is a tremendous burden for a family if a life-threatening diagnosis suddenly takes possession of everything and overlaps everything that previously meant everyday life and safety. The tireless efforts and empathy of Sabine Kraft contributes to a humanitarian and indispensable achievement for our society, which cannot be overestimated. I would like to thank you for your extraordinary commitment and your exemplary life achievement. I am very pleased that I can hand over the Federal Cross of Merit to you today”

Not only has Sabine been committed to the Association of Children’s Hospice in Germany, but has been committed to the global development of children’s palliative care through her role on the Board and as Chair of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network. ICPCN’s Chief Executive Prof Julia Downing said on hearing about the award; “Sabine deserves this award. She has shown her passion and commitment for children’s palliative care not only in Germany but throughout the world and has been a part of the ICPCN since its beginning. We are grateful to her for all she has done and continues to do for children’s palliative care globally.”