Strengthening children’s palliative care in Taiwan in 2015

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In 2013 at the Asia Pacific Hospice Conference in Bangkok, a special interest group (SIG) was formed to link people interested in palliative care for children. It is foreseen that at the 2015 conference more links will be forged with colleagues both in China and around the world.  

The theme for the 11th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference is “Transforming Palliative Care” which was chosen to reflect the many changes which the relatively new field of palliative care is undergoing.  Hospice and palliative care is relatively new within the region and many services just starting or attempting to start and even in countries where hospice and palliative care is more established, the transition from fringe to mainstream within the health system continues. 

This conference aims to prepare the workforce with the most up-to-date knowledge in the field and to produce new knowledge relevant to local circumstances. Abstract submission is open and the deadline for abstracts has been extended to 31 October 2014. 

The conference will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), a venue fully-equipped to provide multi-functional and state-of-the-art facilities for all sessions and workshops.  The conference centre is situated in the Taipei’s Hsin-yi District, an area that shines with glass and steel skyscrapers, trendy shopping centers, and entertainment districts. It is also the site of Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

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