Super tiny helper leaves behind a beautiful legacy

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The Borneo Post Online recently published an article about an inspiring young man Hung Ren Jing. Ren Jing’s idea to provide free transport for patients who need transport was motivated by his personal experience in Kuala Lumpur, when he underwent a bone marrow transplant. 

“It was during the time when he sought treatment in Kuala Lumpur, that it dawned on Ren Jing, the idea of the Care Van”, said Hung Sung Huo, Ren Jing’s father.

After his experience Ren Jing saw the need to provide transport to people from other parts of Sarawak, especially the rural areas, who seek treatments in Kuching. “He mooted the idea of the Care Van where those patients from outstations, especially rural areas, can use it to seek treatment in Kuching. After returning to Kuching, we started to make Ren Jing’s idea come true by raising funds for a vehicle.”

Ren Jing always had a passion for helping the poor and needy, he got involved with helping his father through Kuching Life Care Society (KLCS) at just 4 years old. Sung Huo is the president of KLCS, which is part of the Federation of Life Care Society in the state. Life Care Societies are NGO’s that offer various services like ambulance service, blood donation and welfare aid to the very poor. KLCS main aim is to provide palliative care for terminally ill patients. Ren Jing had such a passion for helping the terminally ill, especially cancer patients who sought help from KLCS, that he earned the nickname – the super tiny helper!

Ren Jing was an inspiration to many and dedicated his life to helping the sick. Reflecting on his son’s life Sung Huo said “He lived his life to the fullest by being a blessing to others”. Sung Huo believed his son stayed strong and positive till the very end. To read Ren Jing’s full story, click here.

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