WHPCA palliative care direct stakeholder grants call announced

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The aim of the programme is to strengthen the voice of direct stakeholders in palliative care advocacy and increase their impact as advocates to improve access to quality palliative care.

Direct stakeholders in palliative care are defined as people who are currently living with conditions that require palliative care now or may require it in the future and those who are in older age and approaching the end of the life cycle.

Millions of people worldwide living with life-limiting illness are living and dying in avoidable pain and distress. Palliative care can address this but it is a seriously neglected and marginalised component in global and national health systems, policy and discourse. 42% of countries have no hospice and palliative care services at all and 75% of the world’s population do not have adequate access to medications for pain control.

We know that social justice movements led by people affected can result in dramatic and impactful social change. This was particularly evident (and ultimately successful) in the movement around increasing access to HIV treatment. 

To shift the power to enable and strengthen the voice of people living with and affected by life-limiting illness on palliative care advocacy the WHPCA is running a grants programme for new and innovative advocacy and public engagement projects, led by, or in partnership with, direct stakeholders in low and middle income countries.


These grants will enable the generation of new ideas and approaches from new stakeholders which could include (though not limited to) the following:

  • Development/launch of a public campaign
  • An event (s)
  • Budget to fund direct stakeholders to attend key national/global advocacy meetings
  • Funding for web development to mobilise affected groups on the issue of palliative care/enable affected groups to understand the opportunities for advocating on the issue
  • Media training for affected people on palliative care
  • A film or animation
  • Developing tools to engage and support beneficiary led organisations to engage in palliative care advocacy
  • Other innovative ideas.
  • Applications must demonstrate how direct stakeholders groups have been involved in the development of the project.

Applications must be led either by hospice and palliative care organisations, organisations led by people living with life-threatening conditions based in and working in low and middle income countries, or registered older people’s organisations.

Applications must be made up of at least one palliative care organisation and one organisation, network or group led by direct stakeholders.

We will accept applications in partnership with carer and family member groups, but please be aware that preference will be given to good, innovative applications involving direct stakeholders in this grant round.

Applicants must be based in a Low or Middle Income country.

Application process

The application form, guidance and budget template can be found in this Google Docs folder OR on the WHPCA website here:

Please send completed application documents to grants@thewhpca.org


The deadline for applications is 17:00 GMT on 1 May. Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been successful by 16 May 2017.

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