Call for high-quality evidence at the EAPC World Research Congress

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This conference, taking place every second year – alternately to the main EAPC congress – focuses on sharing findings and building research capacity within Europe and the rest of the world.

Dr Maria Nabal, Chair of the Congress Organising Committee, welcomed delegates to the meeting, reminding them that: “As researchers, it is our responsibility to provide the best evidence for the best care for patients and their families.”

Professor Stein Kaasa, Chair of the EAPC Research Network, noted that palliative care should be an integrated part of all care pathways where it is needed, but pointed to the necessity of building a base of high-quality scientific evidence to support this integration. He noted that: “Expectations from patients, families and society are higher than ever.”

Professor Mike Bennet, Chair of the Scientific Committee, commented on the global representation of abstracts submitted, saying that the Congress was: “now truly world-wide in scope.”

But the Congress is not just about presenting results and developing research skills. What goes on behind the scenes is just as important. The Congress provides an ideal site for international networking, both for senior academics forging connections for inter-institutional research collaboration, as well as for their younger colleagues to find inspiration and incubate ideas among their mentors and their peers.

Prof Kaasa further outlined the networking value of the event, saying: “The idea behind this conference is that active researchers will meet other active researchers in a friendly environment.”

A highlight of the Congress is the Early Researcher Award, an honour designed to recognise new research in the field of palliative care. Read more on tomorrow’s edition of ehospice.

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