Campaigners urge the EU to include older people in development policies

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Between now and 2050, the number of older people aged 60 or over will triple to two billion.

Half the world’s population of older people lack a secure income, and fewer than one in five receive a pension. 

Through ADA in Europe, a growing army of campaigners, younger and older, are raising their voices in support for older people in developing countries.

Age activists across the world have been connecting through video messages facilitated by HelpAge International and the ADA campaign. 

Mama Rhoda, 74, one of the activists from Kenya met officials at the EU, and gave a speech about her experience as an older campaigner. 

She spoke about her life in Nairobi, her thoughts on building relationships with campaigners in other continents and what she thinks the EU should do to support older people in developing countries. 

“When I come back to Kenya, I will stand in the streets of Nairobi and tell everyone what I saw and what I heard about older people. I am so grateful to ADA for giving older people a chance such as this one,” said Mama Rhoda.

Sign the Help Age petition urging the EU to include older people in development policies and programmes.  

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