Children’s hospice launches mobile service in Austria

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Momo will work closely with children’s hospitals, children’s departments and doctors. It is still in its planning stages, and the project involves paediatric doctors, child carers, a psychologist, social workers, pastoral carers and a voluntary team.

The children’s mobile hospice service was launched by Caritas, Caritas Socialis (CS Hospiz Rennweg) and the mobile child care Moki Vienna. It is the third children’s hospice to be launched in the area, after Verein Netz an the mobile care service of St Anna’s Children’s Hospital.

Caritas director Michael Landau said: “We want to fill a hole in the support and care of most ill children with Momo and to help their relatives.

“We know from our experience in palliative care in the CS Hospiz Rennweg and the grief counseling of children in the Roter Anker just how important and necessary this specialised service is”, said Robert Obendorfer, managing director of Caritas Socialis.

He also said: “The goal is to build up children’s hospice care which covers all of Vienna in three years.”

The hospice is named after the beloved children’s story “Momo” by German fantasy author Michael Ende.

Momo is a free service and is currently financed exclusively by donations, and does not yet have funding from the state.

More information about Momo can be found on their website and in an article in the Austrian Times.

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