Compassionate Bereavement Approaches – a new course

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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation Education Series 2021
Compassionate Bereavement Approaches
An 11-segment immersion course into the concepts and teachings of psychiatrist, humanitarian and hospice pioneer, Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross has been launched, starting on 18 March 2021.
Content is designed to build bridges of understanding between past and present concepts of bereavement care while also opening participant’s minds to consider what grief care could and should look like in the future.
Students and members of the former Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Life, Death and Transition training staff and global hospice, palliative care and grief experts will lead this interactive series.
Featured instructors include world-renowned visionaries Dr. Ira Byock and Dr. William Worden.
There will be one class per week and the classes will be available in 3 languages simultaneously
Topics covered include:
  1. Mourning and grieving in different cultures – Liese Groot-Alberts (New Zealand)
  2. Loss and Grief in Compassionate Communities – Smriti Rana (India)
  3. Collective Grief – Dr. Katie Eastman (USA)
  4. EKR’s Life, Death and Transition Workshops: Externalization Process – Larry Lincoln, M. D. (USA)
  5. Traumatic Grief – Dr. Joanne Cacciatore (USA)
  6. Lessons from the Pandemic About Living, Caring and Wellbeing – Dr. Ira Byock (USA)
  7. The Art of Grief Consoling: An Existential Approach – Rodrigo Luz (Brazil)
  8. Thanatology and Grief Support: contemporary approaches – Cole Imperi (USA)
  9. Meaningful Spiritual Practices with Dianne Gray (USA) and Cross-Cultural Approaches to Loss and the Afterlife with Wilka Roig (Mexico) 
  10. The Most Essential Things I Learned from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross about Grief that Can Light our Path to the Future – Dr. William Worden
  11. On Grief and Grieving – Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M. D. – Unpublished video Presentation

You can register here: EKR Foundation Education Series 2021 – Compassionate Bereavement Approaches Tickets, Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite

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