Continued success for US advocates as hospice video screened on international television channel

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Eric Linder, a business executive turned hospice volunteer turned author and advocate, has spearheaded efforts to raise awareness of hospice care in the US following the publication of his book: ‘Hospice Voices.’

‘Hospice Voices’ is a novel based on patients’ stories that Eric collected while working as a hospice volunteer. The stories are used with the permission of the patient or their family members.

Eric, a resident of Washington DC, says: “In (this city) so many people are powerful and rich – or want to be powerful and rich – the stories of common people are so much more fascinating than the people you read about in the Washington Post.”

Following his experience as a hospice volunteer, Eric began working among powerful US political figures as an advocate for hospice care.

The video was screened on Voice of America TV last week and can be accessed online.

Read an interview with Eric on the UK edition of ehospice

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