World Media Roundup – 26 November 2014

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Pass the peas and give me your keys: having ‘that’ conversation

The Huffington Post

“As 2014 comes to a close multiple generations will gather around holiday tables. These events may present ideal opportunities to initiate conversations with loved ones about sensitive issues like aging and end of life wishes.”

Better assessment of decision-making capacity

Medical XPress

Following a survey of doctors, the Central Ethics Committee of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences is to outline principles for assessing medical decision-making capacity as of next year.

Psychiatry’s place in caring for the terminally ill

Psychiatric Times

Article which highlights the role role psychiatrists can play regarding end of life decisions and pain management.

Addressing the burden of cancer in the Gulf

The Lancet Oncology

Although currently lower than in Europe and the USA, the burden of cancer in the Middle East is increasing, and is predicted to almost double by 2030.

Ebola workers in Sierra Leone dump bodies


Health workers leave up to 15 Ebola victims’ bodies at hospital entrance in Kenema city in protest over pay.

US quarantine moves hurting Ebola response in Africa: Harvard


Moves by some US states to isolate medical workers returning from fighting Ebola in West Africa could worsen the global health crisis by discouraging badly needed new volunteers, according to health experts at Harvard University.

Palliative care for those with neurological conditions

ehospice Australia

Palliative Care Australia and members of the Neurological Alliance Australia have released a position statement defining the organisations’ principles on the provision of palliative care and care planning for people with neurological conditions.

Children’s palliative care workshop draws a large crowd at Kenyan conference

International children’s edition

Prof Julia Downing reports that a great deal of interest was shown in the topic of palliative care for children at the recent KEHPCA conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, with around 200 people attending a workshop on the need for developing services for children.

Hospices refuge for families

ehospice USA

Amy Tucci, Hospice Foundation of America, sheds some light on the value of hospice for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

Hospice movement needs to be rebellious in its approach to change

ehospice UK

Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer at NHS Improving Quality England, today opened Hospice UK’s national conference by hailing the “fantastic rebel hospice movement” and championed a disruptive approach to achieving change.

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