IAHPC launches new website

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“As a result of the strategic plan discussions and the recommendations of the website working group, our site was redesigned to provide visitors with a better online resource. The result is a fresh, new look with streamlined navigation and more content. Now users accessing local or global information are able to easily navigate through the expanded rich content, resources and programs,” commented Lukas Radbruch, the IAHPC Chair.

Liliana De Lima, Executive Director of IAHPC thanked the members of the IAHPC board and working group who provided recommendations and suggestions to enhance the website. In addition, she also thanked Mr. Danilo Fritzler, the IAHPC webmaster for his hard work during the past months and for ensuring that everything was functioning properly.

The new website includes the following site enhancements:

  • Improved Structure and Navigation: The site has been redesigned for an improved spacious layout, including an intuitive navigation with a more standardized menu structure.
  • Improved sharing functions: IAHPC website can be effortlessly saved, viewed in smart phones and tablets, sent-to-phone, emailed and shared via favourite social networks (including Facebook and Twitter).

The new website has been tested among IAHPC board members and focus groups over the past month, and has received overwhelming positive feedback. The site will continue its evolution introducing new content and visual enhancements with cross-platform integration into its desktop, mobile and other online offerings.


The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) is a not for profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced life-threatening conditions and their families, by advancing hospice and palliative care programs, education, research, and favourable policies around the world. As a trusted source for information and data, IAHPC empowers providers, health care workers, patients and policy makers with information and knowledge so they can make more informed decisions. Thousands of users and professional organizations rely on IAHPC to plan programs and improve the provision of palliative and hospice care to patients and their families.

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