Dr Anne Merriman writes about her distinguished service award

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Dr Anne wrote to ehospice, sharing with us her feelings upon winning the award:

I felt two emotions: Firstly, I felt delighted that the work was being recognised, but also humbled that it seemed that the award was for me, when none of these achievements would have happened without the fertile soil of Uganda which embraced the concept of a model hospice which would reach all of Africa.

Uganda agreed to bring in the powdered morphine to make affordable liquid morphine available in the home.  God’s blessings brought caring Ugandans to assist me with the holistic care in 1993 and those who continue to carry on the work today, now joined by others inspired by them, in so many African countries.

Also the Ugandan patients and others appreciate the service so much and bring so much to us, every time we come together.

The day of the awards ceremony was such a joyful occasion and the week has been special, as our many friends in Ireland have come together to rejoice in this special recognition from the President through the Irish people who have also supported us through these years both with human resources and financial assistance.

I have received so much from Ireland in my life. This has given me the courage to carry on with the spirit of Hospitality of Hospice that was embraced by Dame Cicely, and so essential to our work for the suffering patients and families.

I pray that this award will alert others to the huge work still to be done to relieve the suffering that is still prevalent in Africa today. Also, that it will also inspire others to assist in any way they can so that this suffering will be relieved in the homes and wherever patients are and wish to be, at this special time of life. We have only just begun.

So thank you to all but we continue to need you ALL!

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