EAPC blog gives a peek of the EAPC World Congress in Berlin

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If you are wondering what to expect from this year’s 16th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), then the ‘Welcome to Berlin’ series of posts published on the EAPC blog may be for you. On top of our usual twice-weekly publishing schedule on topical issues in palliative care, the special series focuses on this year’s congress theme: ‘Global Palliative Care – Shaping the Future’.

Some posts capture the highlights of plenary lectures, such as those from Dr Rajagopal (India), Dr Christian Ntzimira (Rwanda), Professor Merryn Gott (New Zealand) and Professor Scott Murray (UK). Their contributions reflect on progress in the development of palliative care globally and identify what more we must do to ensure improved and equitable access to palliative care.

Volunteering, digital legacy, paediatric palliative care  – topics that feature prominently at the Congress – are there too, along with posts from EAPC President, Professor Phil Larkin, who explains all about the 2019 elections to the EAPC Board of Directors, which will take place in Berlin. You can also read about the impressive milestones in the development of palliative care in Germany, our host country this year. And to bust the myth that palliative care workers don’t know how to party ­or have fun, then try this one from The Palliators, who are playing live in Berlin! Just one of so many attractions in Berlin – where something is always going on.

Or, read about the two palliative care workers who are travelling from Salzburg, Austria, to Berlin ­– on their bikes! Ms Sabine Brantner and Dr Irmgard Singh will be visiting hospices en route and helping to raise public awareness of palliative care – a real ‘Tour de Hospice’.

The EAPC World Congress, which starts on Thursday 23 May in Berlin, is preparing to welcome more than 3,000 participants: clinicians, caregivers, researchers, volunteers, and patient advocates in palliative care from across the world. Even if you are not attending the Congress in person, we hope that the series on the blog will help you to feel a part of what is happening in Berlin this week.

We shall be publishing every day this week, including live from the Congress, to keep you up-to-date. You will find all posts relating to the Congress here.

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Image caption: The Palliators: A group of seven palliative care professionals and one ‘volunteer’ from all over the Netherlands.

Article submission: Avril Jackson, EAPC social media editor

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