Ethiopian Ministry of Health supports WHPCA Iddir Project

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The government recognises the urgent need for palliative care as cases of non-communicable disease are on the rise. It commended WHPCA for their efforts, and has called on other organisations in-country to support this work.

WHPCA, in partnership with a local NGO, Hospice Ethiopia, are promoting culturally appropriate palliative care delivery that is home- and community-based, with support from traditional burial societies known as ‘iddirs’. Iddirs are centuries-old mutual support institutions originally intended to help defray burial expenses, which are now used for other community issues. More than 12,000 people will benefit from this project. 

The mobilisation of iddirs will be supported by the following activities which follow a public health approach:

  • training of 200 community health volunteers
  • training of 200 student nurses in their final year
  • Continuing Medical Education for 60 doctors and Post-Registered Nurses.
  • linkages with three hospitals in Addis Ababa.

Dr Stephen Connor, WHPCA Executive Director, said: “We are very happy to have the support of the Federal Ministry of Health for Ethiopia at the highest level. The government of Ethiopia has expressed their strong desire to support palliative care development in Africa’s second largest country.”

You can read this news story and find out more about the work of WHPCA on their website

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