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The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care, IAHPC, regularly gets messages like this on our website or social media.

“I am reaching out on behalf of my father. He is an American citizen who has been spending the winter down in XXX with his Caregiver. Unfortunately he had a massive stroke yesterday and is currently being transported to XXX Hospital. His prognosis is horrible and so we are looking to find end-of-life/hospice care for him down in XXX rather than transporting him to the US. Would you know of any hospice care associations I could contact? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

“Hello, I don’t know who is the right person to talk to in your organization, but this child (in the Philippines … photo provided but not shared here) is need of dire help and medical assistance ASAP. He is 7 years old yet looks like 3. He could not eat well (nor talk). Yes, he could barely open his mouth to process the food resulting to his undernourishment and worsening health condition. The family has no money to give him the medical attention and other basic necessities that he needs, hence I am trying to contact any medical organization that could help him ASAP. Please forward this email to the right person in your organization who could help this family.’

The good news is that IAHPC provides this assistance even before being asked! And we respond personally to these kind of requests when they come in. You can find two international directories on our website, available free of charge to patients and families everywhere, and as a service to the global palliative care community.

The first resource is an international directory of palliative care providers and organizations. People desperately seeking palliative care services for seriously ill friends and relatives often contact the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) for information. We refer them to the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Institutions and Organizationsand if necessary put people in contact with IAHPC members in those countries to help out.

This Directory includes over 2,000 listings of hospices and institutions around the globe that provide care, support, and guidance to patients, families and providers. Please check if your institution is listed and send in the relevant information if it is not. Listing is free. Simply fill out the Add a new listing page online.

The second resource is the IAHPC Global Directory of Educational Programs in Palliative Care. This directory lists institutions providing post-graduate programs leading to a formal degree in palliative care, such as Diplomas, Masters, PhD, and Specialist Training for Interns, Residents, and Fellows. A benefit of listing a program in the directory is it allows enrolled post-graduate students a one-year free membership to the IAHPC. To view the criteria, please visit the IAHPC website or contact Genevieve Napier, IAHPC Senior Operations Officer.

This directory includes over 200 listings of educational programs throughout the world. As for the directory of service providers, listing in this educational directory is also free. Just fill out the Add a new listing page online.

The Directories are constantly maintained and updated by IAHPC staff member Julia Libreros, Coordinator of the International Directories. We encourage individuals and institutions to join or make a donation to support our work, since our funding depends on memberships and small grants


This article was written by IAHPC Staff

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