Free Virtual Conference to share latest Research & Evidence in Palliative & End of Life Care

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Our aim is to inform and inspire attendees, to help change practice and shape future research. February 6th – 10th 2023
New to this year’s conference will be our Spotlight sessions. These are one-hour, bitesize sessions designed to shine a light on topics that have been highlighted to us as areas of particular importance to the sector.

Mon 6 Feb

11:00-13:00: Opening of the conference & better out of hours palliative and end of life care

13:30-14:30: A spotlight on: Patient and Public Involvement in Research and Policy

Tues 7 Feb

11:00-13:00: Financial insecurity at the end of life

13:30-14:30: A spotlight on: Digital interventions in palliative and end of life care

Wed 8 Feb

11:00-13:00: Support for everyone affected by death, dying and bereavement

13:30-14:30 A spotlight on: Getting involved with palliative care research – a workshop for practitioners

Thurs 9 Feb

11:00-13:00: Challenging inequity in palliative and end of life care

13:30-15:30: A spotlight on: End of life care for people with neurological conditions (dementia and motor neurone disease)

Fri 10 Feb

11:00-13:00: Physical health and well-being at the end of life

13:30-14:45: A spotlight on: Mental health and well-being at the end of life

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All sessions will be recorded so if you are unable to make a session please register for it and a link to the recording will be emailed to you.


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