Hospice care providers in the Middle East.

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Al-Malath Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in Jordan in 1993 as the first hospice care provider in the Middle East.

Al-Malath Foundation provides a Free-of-Charge hospice care service to patients and their families from various socio-economic backgrounds inside Amman and its outskirts.

Services provided by Al-Malath include social, psychological, nursing, medical support and bereavement counseling to patients and their families.

The journey of Al-Malath began when a group of women experienced difficult times caring for their family members who were terminally ill cancer patients and were discharged from the hospital to spend their last days at home without any medical or emotional care.

In 1992, they started exploring options to meet the essential needs of terminally ill patients and their families focusing on a unique model of hospice care that stems from our culture.


Individuals who have a life limiting illness, with a prognosis of six months or less and are no longer seeking treatment are eligible for Al-Malath Hospice service. Services of Al-Malath are provided by highly competent and trained caregivers including a physician, nurses, and social workers.


  1. Patients pain and suffering is significantly reduced, and their medical and emotional needs are met.
  2. Family members and caregivers are better equipped to care for their loved ones in their last days or months of life. They trust that they are in in good hands with Al-Malath team.
  3. Family members show less symptoms of depression after the patient’s death. Al-Malath team can provide bereavement support to families going through the loss of a loved one.
  4. Al-Malath services are essential to lessen the burden on crowded public and private hospitals that are not focused on caring for the end-of-life of terminally ill patients.
  5. Al-Malath services and activities raise awareness on the importance of Palliative and Hospice Care.

Testimonials of Families

 “When dad left, we were ready and in peace”. 

“Thank you for giving mum her last 24 hours free of pain”.

“My  husband’s illness would’ve been more painful and harder if it wasn’t for you”.

“Trust in Al-Malath and you will be blessed”.

“Like having angels at home”.

Find more information here https://www.al-malath.com/


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