ICPCN’s response to the tragic deaths of 20 children in the United States

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In conveying the ICPCN’s thoughts and prayers to the bereaved families of the innocent children and the families of the adults who also lost their lives while trying to protect them, Joan Marston, ICPCN chief executive, wrote: “the death of any child for whatever reason, is difficult to accept, but to lose a child in this senseless manner is completely devastating to a parent.” 

She continued by saying: “For all those whose lives have been affected by this terrible event, either through close association with the community or the children we would like to encourage you to find the emotional and psychological support you need as soon as possible. The complex grief that is a natural consequence of such an event should be taken very seriously and not be ignored.”

The article includes advice from psychologists to the parents of children affected by this tragedy:

  • Listen to your children
  • Give simple, forthright explanations without going into too much detail
  • Ask what they know and answer their questions as honestly as you can
  • Help them find meaningful ways to help others
  • Assure them that they are safe 

The ICPCN drew a parallel between the death of children by preventable diseases and the death of children by incidents such as the Connecticut shooting. The ICPCN called on the government of America to reconsider the country’s gun laws in an attempt to prevent tragedies such as this one.  

Read the full news item in the International children’s edition of ehospice.


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