International Tweetchat on compassionate communities asks: What drives you to help others?

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Writing for ehospice in 2015, HPCA CEO, Dr Liz Gwyther, said: “The foundation of hospice care is the value of compassion. The compassionate care that hospice workers (staff and volunteers) provide for patients and families has the goal of relief of suffering.

“The values of compassion, respect for others, enhancing dignity and sense of self-worth for patients can be expanded to reach out to our communities and be a catalyst to build compassionate communities.”

Tweetchat Topics

The topics that will guide the Tweetchat are:

  1. How do you define compassion?
  2. Picture compassionate communities: What images do you see?
  3. In your opinion how strong is the need to help strangers?
  4. Why be compassionate to those you don’t know?
  5. How do great communication and people skills spread compassion?

The Tweetchat will take place at 2pm South African time on Tuesday 11 July, using the hashtag #HPCAChat. Everyone is welcome to join the chat to share their experiences and opinions on compassion inside and out of hospice and palliative care. 

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