Japanese professor visits UK hospice

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Prof Hori visited the UK on a fact finding tour to research how care for older people is integrated, particularly between health and social care.

She is developing an academic argument that quality palliative and end of life care is a key part of the successful development of sustainable integrated health and social care system.

Chris Wheway, Chief Executive at St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, said: “We were honoured to welcome Professor Hori to St Barnabas and share what we do and influence thinking around palliative and end of life care in an international context. This was an opportunity for us to share our core values and our vision for hospice care.

“Professor Hori visited our sites in Lincoln and Grantham where she met with our specialist health care professionals to gain a deeper understanding of how we work as a team and as a care system.”

Professor Hori specializes in Health and Social Care Policy, Health System Management, Welfare and Public Policy in Japan. Her recent research has included:

  • comparative health and social policy for the elderly of UK and Japan (especially interested in long term care, end of care, integrate care for the elderly with dementia)
  • public and private partnership in health and social care system (Welfare Mix)
  • factor analysis of health expenditure and long term care expenditure
  • insurer function in public health insurance and managed competition (Internal Market)
  • sustainability of social security system under aging society; and
  • study on UK policies for delayed discharge and intermediate care. 

Professor Hori has published in excess of 100 academic papers and five books, her latest book: ‘UK Healthcare Policy Reform and Integrated Care Systems’ is about to be published. 

She is a senior advisor to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and sits on a number of prestigious committees including ‘Japan Vision 2035’. She is Executive Director at Tokai University.

Mr Wheway added: “Professor Hori was very interested and impressed with our palliative care services especially as our care is delivered free of charge to our patients. She is intending to cite us as an example of excellence in the charitable sector and will include our service model in an advisory article in Japan.”

To find out more about St Barnabas Hospice, visit their website.

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