Josaab Foundation plans one of Egypt’s very first hospice buildings

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Currently palliative care is provided at very few hospitals and although Josaab provides home based palliative care, there is no stationary hospice.

Josaab Foundation began by providing services both to people at the end of their lives, as well as to neonates. Currently, the focus of Josaab is mainly supporting adult terminally ill patients through hospice services.

Josaab Foundation is guided by the belief that: “A human being’s soul is precious as they enter or depart this earthy life, so they have the right to live in dignity.”

When a person is challenged by an incurable illness, or the journey of treatment ends, the role of Josaab Foundation begins in supporting the terminally ill patients and their families.

Josaab Foundation has the following goals:

  1. to implant the idea of Hospice into Egyptian society
  2. to preserve the dignity and enhance patients’ quality of life along with supporting families in transition, sadness and loss.
  3. to reach out to more communities in need of hospice and palliative care
  4. to build the capacity of a professional team of hospice service providers equipped with the tools and skills to be pioneers in the field
  5. to establish a network between the different hospitals and institutions dealing with terminally ill people
  6. to encourage the development of a legislation for hospice care by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

The building of the stationary hospice will be situated east of Cairo, 47KM off Cairo-Ismailia Road beside the International Medical Centre and is 1500 m2 in area.

It is planned to be completed by the first quarter of 2015. The stationary hospice first stage is planned to be two levels, with 10 beds on each level.

Furnishing and purchasing the highly specific equipment and supplies, following model hospices in Germany, will take place in the second quarter of 2015.

Holistically, Josaab aims to reach all terminally ill patients in need of hospice services. Josaab mobile hospice comprises 80% of Josaab work while the remaining 20% are for those terminally ill patients that require a stationary hospice.

Dr Tandiar Samir, General Manager of Josaab Foundation, said: “We have a vision to furnish the Josaab stationary hospice building with the most advanced equipment and facilities correlating to international standards that can preserve the dignity and privacy of terminally ill patients in Egypt. 

“Josaab needs continuous support from those who believe in the philosophy  of hospice care, particularly in the form of human and financial resources.”  

To find out more, visit the Josaab Foundation website

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