Journalists discuss death at Bangkok workshop

Categories: Education.

The objective of this workshop was to raise death awareness in those who work in the media, in the hope that they, in turn, would be advocates about palliative care and mindfulness about living and dying. By educating those who work in media, TV viewers and the greater public will receive accurate information about death and dying. 

This one day workshop consisted of various sessions: a mini-workshop about grief and loss, a discussion about the concept of life and death, and a discussion on attitudes and beliefs about the afterlife.

In this workshop, Mr Manoch Puttal, a famous musician and also the presenter of ‘Saman Chon Khon Thai’, a documentary TV programme about social issues and social engagement in Thailand, joined the session and shared his experience regarding the topic.

After the workshop, following the format of a previous workshop, participants reflected on their experience and came to the conclusion that, in Thailand, we still need larger advocacy and activities to help make people more aware of this natural cycle of life and eager to talk about it openly and extensively.

An audio recording of this workshop is available as an iTunes podcast, or to download from the Google Play store.

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