World Media Roundup – 2 February 2015

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Ukraine health system buckling under weight of humanitarian crisis

Ukraine – WHO

WHO and health partners urgently need at least US$23 million to provide improved health care to more than 5 million affected people in eastern Ukraine, of whom 1.4 million are considered to be highly vulnerable and in need of humanitarian health assistance.

Noncommunicable diseases prematurely take 16 million lives every year, WHO urges countries to invest in “best buy” interventions


Urgent action is needed to reduce the increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and prevent the annual toll of 16 million people dying prematurely – before the age of 70 – from heart and lung disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, according to a new World Health Organization report.

India: first to adapt the Global Monitoring Framework on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

India – WHO

WHO reports that the Government of India is taking immediate action and targeting the greatest risk factors contributing to NCDs—unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, tobacco and alcohol use, and air pollution.

Kuwait Supports Children with Cancer in War-Torn Syrian Arab Republic

Syria – WHO

Thanks to support from the Government of Kuwait –US$ 5.5 million in 2014 and US$ 21.2 million in 2013, for health actions inside Syria- the World Health Organization (WHO) has supported three hospitals, including the Children Hospital, with cancer medicines for children with almost 10,000 treatments.

Culturally sensitive palliative care represents new approach

US – Associated Press

Palliative care has gained traction across the nation, but the culturally sensitive model embraced by Familias en Accion represents a new approach.

Palliative Care Options – Something to Talk About for Caribbean Elders

US – New American Media

It may be an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but it’s one that health care providers are encouraging families to discuss, even before the need for such services should arise.

Free Download – Handbook of Psychiatry in Palliative Medicine

US – Softpedia

A handbook of psychiatry in palliative medicine is available for free download.

In the last days of a toddler’s life, wishes granted by strangers

US –

Jase is a beautiful 2 year old toddler who is fighting for his life. On July 15th of 2013, he was taken to the emergency room because he had not been able to keep anything down. After noticing that his head was larger than it should have been, he was given a CT scan and our life changed forever! Jase was diagnosed with Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors (PNET).

Son challenges Belgian law after mother’s ‘mercy killing’

Belgium – The Telegraph

Tom Mortier, whose mother was killed by lethal injection at her own request due to depression in a Brussels hospital in April 2012, takes landmark euthanasia case to European Court of Human Rights.

Free download – Best practice guide to end-of-life care for people with a learning disability

UK –

The best practice guide to end-of-life care for people with a learning disability is available for free download from

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