Living and dying: a talk with the author

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This book, translated into Thai by Ven. Paisal Visalo almost 20 years ago, is one of the key components to raise awareness of palliative care and dying in Thailand. It has helped several organisations to start incorporating more of the care of spiritual aspects of human beings into their care of patients.

Almost one thousand people from all walks of life joined this panel discussion.

Key moderators, including a palliative care doctor, philosophy lecturer, and actor also shared their experiences regarding this issue. They found that there are several types of deaths, including the death that leaves a bitter, shattered heart and one that is a gift for those left behind. 

They also agreed that: “to understand death does not always have to be through religion. Because everybody had different past experiences in their life” and that “death is the art of handling life. It has to be learnt and understood by ourselves and not to judge others.”

Sogyal Rinpoche also emphasised the fear of death in this modern era, and noted that it reflects the fear of facing ourselves.

“The very moment of death is like a mirror that reflects your life,” he added.

To understand and not fear death, he suggested that we have to be mindful and prepare for it. Be aware that it could come to us at any moment.

If we are aware of that, then we would know and appreciate the value of life and how impermanent it is.

Watch the panel discussion in Thai and English on YouTube

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