Montreal update: Pain and symptom management, and the future of hospices in the international spectrum

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Today’s events took of with the delegates attending the French language plenary, ” Pain: Its Evolution and Treatment” presented by Serge Marchand, Université de Sherbrooke. Dr Marchand’s presentation addressed key issues in excitatory and inhibitory mechanisms that are responsible for the perception of pain. His presentation was an informative and well researched talk on evaluation of pain and pain management. Dr Marchand was then followed by Serge Daneault, from Hôpital Notre-Dame du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), who gave an enthralling speech on the nature of suffering and it’s influence on family caregivers.

The day’s events then continued into concurrent workshops that included: 

  • an approach to symptom management in advanced heart failure
  • advance care planning from an international perspective
  • palliative care and family physicians
  • the pharmacology of new opioids.

The day closed with another wonderful plenary that raised critical questions about the future of hospices in the international spectrum. Through the plenary, Barbara Monroe of St. Christopher’s Hospice, London, asked critical questions such as: how do we deliver high value for money? How can we support the development of a confident and competent generalist workforce across health and social care? By exploring the future framework for future hospice care, we can be better prepared for the future of hospice palliative care around the world.

That evening, the delegates were invited to participate in a Celtic Rhythms Concert, which promised to be a great time!

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