News Roundup 17 – 23 August 2013

Categories: In The Media.

17 August

UA: Huffington Post – ‘Death and dying‘ Is trending

18 August

Australia: Australian Times – Candidates with terminal illness launch Voluntary Euthanasia Party

Canada: The Star – Larry Librach, palliative care pioneer, dead at 67

19 August

Canada: Huffington Post Blog – Why I support assisted dying

Zambia: Times of Zambia – State to fund Cicetekelo Hospice

20 August

USA: The Atlantic – How social media is changing the way we approach death

UK: The Conversation – Dignitas case raises tough questions over right to die and duty to protect 

21 August

Canada: LifeSiteNews – Canadian Medical Association debates assisted suicide but feds say they won’t reopen debate

India: Frontline – For pain relief 

22 August

International: ehospice – From Argentina to London and Mumbai – The Trip of a Lifetime

23 August

India: ehospice – Sowing the seeds in one more state in India…

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