Palliative care in Kyrgyzstan

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In the post, Guljahan Fazilovna Pirnazarova, Head of Family Nursing Education Department at the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute in Bishkek, uses a case study to highlight the barriers which exist in the country. These include patients and family members turning to healers and ‘traditional medicine’ men when they cannot get the cure they seek from medical professionals.

Other barriers include:

  • bureaucratic barriers to obtaining opioids
  • lack of support for patients and family members at a time when they have difficulties, depression and are in a state of shock
  • lack of specialists trained in providing palliative care
  • limited hospice and palliative care beds.

Read the full post on the EAPC Blog. Guljahan Pirnazarova, along with Jane Schlickau, has also written a longer article, ‘Access to palliative care and pain medication in Kyrgyzstan’, which is published in the March/April 2014 issue of the European Journal of Palliative Care.

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