Palliative care the only humane and feasible response in many contexts

Categories: Policy.

In the article, Dr Petros Nyakunu, Executive Director of PORENet (Poverty Reduction Network) in Mozambique, writes about the link between poverty, disease and palliative care.

Dr Nyakunu writes: “PORENet believes that palliative care is a more achievable and affordable alternative to disease-modifying treatment for HIV/AIDS and cancer in poor settings such as in Mozambique. Insufficient access to care for both cancer and AIDS patients makes palliative care the only humane and feasible response in many contexts. Patients and families with access to palliative care are able to spend fewer days in intensive care, lower medical costs, reduce malnutrition, extend productive lives, mitigate poverty and improve quality of life.”

The article also outlines the current state of palliative care in Mozambique, and the work of PORENet and others in advocating for better access to palliative care in the country.

Read the full article on ehospice Africa.

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