Physician-related barriers to communication and patient and family-centred decision making towards the end of life in intensive care

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The aim of the systematic literature review is to: “describe physician-related barriers to adequate communication within the team and with patients and families, as well as barriers to patient- and family-centred decision-making, towards the end of life in the ICU.”

Dr Visser shares some personal insights and experiences that led to the research study on the EAPC blog. 

In an excerpt from her blog piece, Dr Visser shares the story of her close friend and partner, Martin Mukarutabana, who died after being treated for 20 weeks in two different intensive care units (ICU) in Western Europe.

Dr Visser explains the “deep disbelief of how this could have happened” that led her to commence her current study: “Neither I, as a physician, nor Martin, a midwife and registered nurse, had been able to convince the intensive care physicians that she did not want the treatment to continue.”

Read the full article on the EAPC blog

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