Public radio series looks at death and dying in the 21st century

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The series was broadcast on Lake Effect, WUWM’s weekday magazine programme. Lake Effect producer Stephanie Lecci was inspired to research the topic after the loss of her own grandmother in hospice. 

The series looks at the ethical and legal issues surrounding end of life care, caregiver stress, the importance of advanced directives, the growth of the palliative care movement and the difficulty in discussing death with children. 

The Death and Dying in the 21st Century includes the following programmes: 

Why doctors should provide spiritual care as well 

Betty Ferrell, a researcher and oncology nurse works to teach doctors and nurses  how to provide spiritual care for patients. 

Conversation Project facilitates conversations about end-of-life choices 

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ellen Goodman talks about the difficult but necessary conversations about end of life care. 

Hospice’s Final Hours Programme ensures no patient dies alone 

A hospice program called Final Hours trains volunteers to provide comfort measures to dying patients. 

Palliative care: a holistic complement for terminal patients 

Examines how the field of palliative care has grown, and the crucial role it plays in end-of-life care. 

Thanatology – the study of death – a young, but growing field of research 

Presents changing scientific understanding of death itself. 

‘Camp Lloyd’ helps grieving kids process loss 

A summer camp for grieving kids offers some clues about how we should talk to children about death.        

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