Raise awareness of access to medications ahead of UNGASS 2016 – Global civil society survey

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The CSTF is designed to secure civil society engagement and coordination in order to effectively include NGO voices in the UNGASS. 

The CSTF has put together an UNGASS 2016 Global Civil Society Survey, designed to provide an initial assessment on the civil society work in the field of drugs and medications, as well as to measure the awareness and level of knowledge and interest in participating actively at the UNGASS 2016 initiative at the regional and global levels. The results will provide an overview of: 

  • the work of NGOs active in the field of drugs and medications
  • areas of expertise
  • key priorities and concerns to be addressed
  • best practices. 

The experience of hospice and palliative care providers is essential in the UNGASS preparatory process. 

Please complete the survey, which, according to CSTF, will take no longer than 30 minutes of your time but provide invaluable information for the CSTF to bring to global policy makers at the United Nations for the UNGASS preparation and beyond. 

Your responses will be confidential and any identifying information is solely for the CSTF’s record keeping. 

The survey is currently only in English but will soon be available in additional languages.

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