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Through the design and architectural briefing process, an Australian based engineering company, GreenLeaf Engineers (GLE), invited the cofounders of Queensland Kids to share the vision of Hummingbird House in their national journal. As supporters of Queensland Kids, GLE believed there was an opportunity to raise greater community awareness about the need for Hummingbird House.

Paul and Gabrielle Quilliam wrote this article which was reprinted in the International Children’s edition of ehospice. The following paragraph is an excerpt from their article:  

‘Take a moment to imagine the unthinkable… your child is dying. As a parent, your instinctive reaction is to fight for your child’s survival; to resist destruction and defend this precious life until the very end. But when medical science and a devastating diagnosis confirm that defeat is inevitable, your next best hope is to maintain your child’s life for as long as possible… to squeeze every ounce of living from every moment available to you. For the children and their families faced with this tragic reality, they must find a balance between resistance and resilience; the fine line between the bending and the breaking; the hope that human resilience will provide them with moments of joy and profound connection in the midst of their natural resistance as they fight a losing battle.’

The authors explore the dynamic relationship between resilience and flexibility through the example of families coping with a child’s diagnosis with a life-limiting illness. 

Read the full article on the International Children’s edition of ehospice

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