Resources to help people better understand pain relief

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The LIVE Without Pain campaign aims to dispel the myth that pain is a natural part of aging or illness that sufferers must live with and empower patients and family caregivers to advocate for pain relief in all care settings.

NHPCO have developed a number of resources, which are free to download, to help people better understand and manage pain. They explain different types of pain, pain at the end of life, how to care for someone in pain and manage medications, and more.

J. Donald Schumacher, NHPCO president and CEO, said: “When someone is in pain, it can be impossible to think about anything else. Pain can make it difficult for you to work, sleep, maintain relationships with friends and loved ones and participate in simple activities. Good pain management improves quality of life and in most cases it is possible to manage pain and that’s why we want to increase public awareness about the issue.”

A longer article about National Pain Awareness Month and the LIVE Without Pain campaign has been published by ehospice USA.

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